Able to catch fire

If you forget to put the parking brake back on and you’re driving, the first thing you’ll notice is that the car won’t run much even though the lever is pressed. As I continued to drive like that for a long time

A pungent smell will come out. This smell comes from excessive friction and overheating between the pads and rotors or drums.

Able to catch fire

Heat comes out unfairly from the friction, From there, if the brakes get hot, just prepare to run.

smoothing (note.. brake)

This is the most common problem. But don’t count too low, man, because that unfair friction causes the brakes to heat up and when it’s time to cool down again.

This will cause both the drums/rotors and pads to become slippery and will greatly reduce your car’s braking performance. Sometimes… when I drive normally

The problem goes away and the car returns to normal braking performance, but sometimes it gets so bad that the pads and rotors/drums have to be replaced.

E-brake cable that is not working