Ygn Region Gold Entrepreneurs Association to sell 10 visses of pure gold on Oct. 12

Yangon Region Gold Entrepreneurs Association announced that they will sell 10 visses of pure gold at the association office at 1:00 pm on October 12.

Everyone can buy gold freely except for the members of the association, but one must show a copy of citizenship card, and household list copy, it said.

“Everyone can buy gold and the reason for showing the ID card and household list is to prevent too many people from a household
list to buy gold,” said Myo Myint, chairman of Yangon Region Gold Entrepreneurs Association.

Each person can buy from one tical of gold to 10 ticals but he didn’t say what price they will sell the gold bars.

On October 9, 7 visses of pure gold were sold with Ks.2.54 million in Mandaly. Nearly all 7 visses were sold out according to Mandalay gold market.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation sold gold bars of 6 visses with auction system in order to ease the gold price on October 6.