Melanoma is a type of skin cancer

That’s why medical scientists have spent years researching various ways to eradicate cancer.

Now, according to a report by LadBible, an Australian company, Viralytics Ltd, has developed a beneficial virus that can eradicate all types of cancer.

The company initially specialized in the herpes virus and then succeeded in testing skin cancer. Later, a drug called CF33, which was converted to the Cowpox Virus, was tested and used in the treatment of cancer. When the drug was tested on mice, the drug was able to destroy cancer cells.

As a result, the Australian-based company is reportedly preparing to test the drug on cancer patients.

The types of cancer they will test for are breast cancer, Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. lung cancer Gallbladder cancer Colon and abdominal cancer.

Cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong told the Daily Telegraph that there has been evidence since the 1900s that some viruses can fight cancer cells.

He went on to say, “If viruses are powerful enough to kill even people with cancer, they think that viruses can kill people too.” But he said he believes that this medicine is the best medicine for people to fight cancer.

If people are treated with this drug, the beneficial virus will be injected directly into their cancer tumors, and the virus will fight the cancer cells until they die, he said.

I am sharing this story as good news for cancer patients, and I believe that in the future, according to advanced medical science, cancer will gradually become a disease that does not need to be feared.